9kg Front Load Washing Machine
9kg Front Load Washing Machine
9kg Front Load Washing Machine
9kg Front Load Washing Machine
9kg Front Load Washing Machine
9kg Front Load Washing Machine
9kg Front Load Washing Machine


9kg Front Load Washing Machine

The Whirlpool FSCR10421 9kg Front Load Washer boasts a 64 litre Stainless Steel drum with our patented CAREss DRUM technology. Choose from 10 programs or harness the 6th SENSE Technology to adjust the program according to the load. This model has a 4 Star Energy rating and a Direct Drive Motor that is both energy efficient and quiet to operate.

Features & Benefits
  • ZEN Technology: ZEN Technology has been developed to reduce noise and vibrations that arise during washing. A direct drive Sense Inverter Motor offers ongoing superior performance with operation quiet enough to operate without disruption day or night.
  • 6th Sense Intelligence: Innovative Innovative 6th SENSE technology automatically adjusts washing settings based on your load. Cycle speed and movements are adapted in response to load size, while the spin cycle pulsing feature helps fabric fibres breathe.
  • Soft Move: SoftMove uses a unique ultra-soft drum pattern and movement to wash your clothes with a gentle touch so fibres, shapes and colours are protected and remain intact for a greater number of washes.
  • Fresh Care: FreshCare has been developed as a feature that gently tumbles your clothes sporadically for a just washed feel even up to six hours after the cycle ends. The result is washing that smells fresh and is less wrinkled even when not removed immediately after the cycle.
  • Dosing Recommendation: Adaptive sensors detect the optimal amount of detergent required for each wash to avoid excess use and detergent. This makes every wash more cost efficient and eliminates the risk of leaving detergent residue on clothing.
  • 10 Wash Programs: Cotton, eCotton, Mixed, Wool, Delicates, Synthetics, Rapid 30, Colours, Rinse & Spin, Spin,
  • Wash Options: Colours 15, FreshCare, Dosing Aid, Start Delay, Temperature, Spin Speed, Prewash, Hot Finish, Bio Stains 15, Heavy Soil, Intensive Rinse
  • Additional Features: Start Delay, LED Digital Display, Key Lock, Start/Pause, Rinse Hold (Option On Spin Button)
  • Five Year Manufacturer Warranty: Provides peace of mind and value for money knowing that if there is a product fault within the warranty period you will be covered by a service call and/or replacement parts to ensure the product works as described.

Wash Programs

  • Eco-Cotton: Normally soiled cotton laundry. At 40 deg C or 60 deg C standard cotton progam and most favourable program in terms of combined water and energy consumption. This is the basis for the value indicated on the energy label.
  • Cotton: Normally to heavily soiled robust laundry made of cotton and linen, such as towels, underwear, table, bed linen etc
  • Mixed: Lightly to normally soiled robust laundry made of cotton, linen, artificial fibres and their blends. Effective one-hour program. Only wash similar colours together in one load.
  • Synthetics: Normally soled laundry made of artificial fibres (like polyester, poluacrylics, viscose etc) or their blends with cotton.
  • Delicates: Fine laundry made of delicate fabrics that need gentle treatment.
  • Wool: Woolens, labelled with the Woolmark and identified as machine washable, as well as textiles made of silk, linen, wool and viscose marked as hand-washable. Respect the manufacturers recommendations on the care label.
  • Rapid 30: Lightly soiled laundry without stains, made of cotton and/or synthetics. Refresh program.
  • Colours: Lightly to normally soiled laundry made of cotton, synthetics or their blends; also delicates. Helps to preserve the colours of your laundry. Take care to use etergent which is appropriate for the colours of your laundry load.
  • Spin: Seperate intensive spin program. Suitable for robust laundry. Not a wash program.
  • Rinse & Spin: Separate rinse and intensive spin program. Suitable for robust laundry. For the rinse phase softener can be added. Not a wash program.
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Model FSCR10421
Washing Capacity 9kg
Colour/Finish White
Spin Speed Max 1400
WELS Water Rating 4
Energy Rating 4
No. Of Programs 10
Washing Programs Eco Cotton
Rapid 30′
Rinse & Spin
Washing Options Dosing Aid
Colours 15°
Fresh Care
Spin Speed
Hot Finish
Bio Stains 15°
Heavy Soil
Intensive Rinse
Additional Features Start Delay
Key Lock
Rinse hold (option on Spin button)
Width (mm) 595
Height (mm) 850
Depth (mm) 640
Manufacturer’s Warranty 5 Years

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