DeoDry Washing Cleaner- Lily


DeoDry Washing Cleaner- Lily

DeoDry eliminates unpleasant odours from washing machines and tumbler dryers.

Bring sunshine and flowers into your home and enhance the scent of your washing with a Lavender or Lily-of-the-Valley soap fragrance with our DeoDry tabs.

Place a DeoDry in the drum of your appliance with the laundry and run a drying cycle as normal. As the cycle progresses, DeoDry will release its perfume and infuse your laundry with a fresh, clean scent. Each piece will last for approximately 2 months. To prolong the life of the tabs for longer after the sachet has been opened, keep them in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

DeoDry contains natural, non-toxic fragrances and is available in two different scents : Lavender & Lily-of-the-Valley

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