65cm Flex-Maxi 4 Zone Electric Induction Cooktop (Carton Damaged)
65cm Flex-Maxi 4 Zone Electric Induction Cooktop (Carton Damaged)
65cm Flex-Maxi 4 Zone Electric Induction Cooktop (Carton Damaged)
65cm Flex-Maxi 4 Zone Electric Induction Cooktop (Carton Damaged)
65cm Flex-Maxi 4 Zone Electric Induction Cooktop (Carton Damaged)
65cm Flex-Maxi 4 Zone Electric Induction Cooktop (Carton Damaged)


65cm Flex-Maxi 4 Zone Electric Induction Cooktop (Carton Damaged)

This is a 'carton damaged' product meaning that the packaging will carry some minor defects or imperfections which prevent it from being sold as brand new stock. The product itself is in brand new condition with all accessories included. The product is backed by the full manufacturer’s warranty of five years, providing peace of mind and value for money.

This Whirlpool 6TH SENSE Induction cooktop features SmartSense, a new sensor-based cooking technology with 8 pre-set cooking methods, EasyDisplay witt independent sliders to interact with each cooking zone, also including FlexiMax with a horizontal completely flexible surface, and Whirlpool’s iXelium nanotechnology glass treatment and very powerful with up to 7.4 kWh.

Whirlpool 6TH SENSE 65cm Induction Cooktop featuring SmartSense, FlexiMax, iXelium coating, and Made In Italy. Five Year Warranty.

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6th SENSE™ technology will make your recipe great everytime

For an innovative and simplified cooking experience. Just choose a dish and the innovative 6th SENSE™ technology does the rest, automatically adjusting time, temperature, and humidity settings to ensure perfect results time after time. With the 6th SENSE™ sensors and an exciting choice of exclusive options, consumers can whip up the perfect meal while enjoying an unparalleled intuitive experience.

iXelium Coating

Longer lasting shine. The revolutionary iXelium treatment protects your hob from scratches and corrosion, ensuring a perfect shine, always. And, it’s easy to clean: all you need it water and a soft cloth.

Induction Technology

Faster, energy efficient cooking. Induction technology heats the pan, not the hob, reducing energy dispersion by 10%, and providing perfect cooking results.

Key features

6th SENSE™ SmartSense

Unleash your inner chef with SmartSense. 6th SENSE™ recipe guidance all the way to perfect dishes Great results, recipe after recipe, with 6th SENSE™ sensor temperature adjustments. The 6th SENSE™ intelligent sensors will detect the pot’s temperature, adjusting it according to the program selected and keeping it uniform until the dish is cooked perfectly. Different temperatures can be automatically selected and used simultaneously.

Flexi Max

With a +28% larger surface*, FlexiMax is big enough to welcome all your creations. The zones can be used separately or linked together for larger pots, heating up rapidly and evenly.

iXelium Coating

To preserve their unique elegance, Whirlpool created iXelium, a nanotechnology glass treatment designed to keep the hob shiny and scratchless as on the first day. Easy to clean from stains and fingerprints as well as scratch-resistant, iXelium will guarantee an everlasting beauty to the hob. With its new design and iXelium’s special coating, Whirlpool just brought induction cooktops to a whole new level.

Made In Italy

These premium appliances are made in Whirlpool’s Italian factory combining the highest standards of European technology and design.

5 Year Warranty

Guarantees peace of mind and value for money knowing that any product fault or defect is covered by full replacement parts and/or a service call to ensure the product works as described.


Colour/Finish Black Glass
Type Induction
Cooking Zones 4
Combine Cooking Zones Yes
Booster 4
Flexible Zone Yes
Special Zone FlexiMax
Simultaneous Use 4 Positions
Eco Booster Yes
User Interface Smart Cook
Controls 4 Independent Sliders
Touch Control Yes
iXelium Coating Yes
Special Functions 6TH SENSE SmartSense
Automatic Programs
Keep Warm
Smart Grilling
Power Management
Timer Yes
Pan Detection Yes
Residual Heat indicator Separate
Power On Indicator Yes
Child Lock Yes
Made In Italy
Manufacturer’s Warranty 5 Years
Current (Amps) 32.2
Total Power (kW) 7.4
Product Dimensions WxHxD 650 x 54 x 510
Cut Out Dimensions WxHxD 560 x 30 x 480


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